Join our 2-weeks beginner course in Colombia and learn how to fly.


We start with the introduction to the sport at the beautiful flying site in Bucaramanga, which is known for its beginner-friendly conditions. After a few comprehensive training sessions on the ground, you will have your first save flights. Our instructors will be with you all the time via the radio and ensure that everything is alright. 

We will spend the second week in Ansermanuevo. Here we will focus on thermalling and you will get your first cross country attempts.

It is not just about the flying, with our local guides you will experience the REAL Colombia.


Delicious food, beautiful nature, vivid nightlife. We can organize everything according to your wishes in order to offer you the best mix of flying and traveling in your adventure holidays.

After the two weeks you can decide if you want to continue by staying a little longer, get the paragliding pilot license and see more beautiful flying areas.

You looking forward for your ADVENTURE HOLIDAYS?  

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Paragliding tours to Colombia, Greece, Turkey and India.

The Tours are exclusive and private with a maximal number of participants of 4 pilots. This guarantees a tour matched to each pilot's skills.

It is all about learning and progression. We want to help you improving your skills in a nice and relaxed atmosphere in order to maximize your benefit from the trip.

The exact program and schedule will be coordinated with the participants according to their wishes.

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SIV - Safety Training

Our instructors will prepare you for every uncomfortable in-flight situation and you will learn how to avoid and master critical flight conditions.

All maneuvers during the training are coordinated individually and will be adjusted during the training related to the pilot's progress.

The SIV is held in Turkey - click here

Personal Training and Progression

You want to improve your skills in

  • thermalling 

  • groundhandling

  • soaring

  • hike & fly

  • cross country

  • acro?

We offer targeted training tailored to you at all our destinations.

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Hey Girls !!

All of our tours are also available JUST FOR GIRLS. 

With our guide and professional pilot Nicole Fedele, we offer you an exclusive experience from girls for girls.

As all other tours, we coordinate everything according to your wishes and try to offer you the best experience through learning, progression, fun and relaxation.