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Lake Garda Freestyle - April 2024

Want to do more than Stalls, Spins and SATs? - thats

  • Beginnt am: 24 Apr
  • 350 euros
  • Malcesine - Lake Carda

6 Plätze übrig


___________ *****24th to 28th of APRIL 2024 ****** If you already perfected Fullstalls, Spirals, maybe some Spins and SATs and want to progress in the acro-way --> this is your course. We are preparing an individual training plan for you and accompany you on your way to more Acro maneuvers. Wether if you want to learn Helis, Mistys, Mactwists, Connections and/or Infinity we set the steps ;) After a briefing of maneuvers in the evening, you will train independently during the next day and film your flights with a gopro/360 cam mounted on your knee. During the day and in the evening we are checking out and analyse your flights/this videos and give you tips and more info on the maneuver trained or the next maneuvers you want to train. Like this you will get always direct feedback on your training and improve in a fast way. If you are also still training on a A or B glider and want to change to an Acro Wing, we have all sizes in Uturn Blackout Gliders what you can try and/or buy. *included: Freestyle training, personal trainingsplan, video analysis, max 6 participants, >8 flights, water rescue, Life west, *not included: travel costs, accommodation, transport to takeoff Price: 350 € EUR p.p. All information here:

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