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After so many years traveling, flying and competing, Leo had the idea to share his experiences and his knowledge as an instructor. The focus should lie on improving and progression for beginner and intermediate pilots to strengthen their skills. Tours; which offer the participating pilots to get the maximum out of the trip. Learning and enjoying every single minute without taking care of the organization in a foreign country.

Leonardo Cardenas Rey

Leonardo Cardenas Rey

Nationality: Colombia

Date of Birth: 17. August 1982

Languages: Spanish, English, learning German

| Flying since 2000 | Flying Tandem since 2003 | PG instructor since 2009 |

Growing up on the flying site in Floriablanca, Leo was always connected with the sport and followed his dream about flying on his own. He was one of the pioneers in the acrobatic discipline in Colombia. He formed part of the national acrobatic team for five years (2011-2015) and was second South American Champion in 2009. He also participated in the several paragliding competitions, like aerobatic world cups, accuracy and cross country contests.

Nicole Fedele

Nicole Fedele

Nationality: Italy

Date of Birth: 15th November 1984

Languages: Italian, English, French, German 

| Flying since 2002 | Flying XC since 2007 | Flying Tandem since 2011 | Test pilot since 2016 | Acro since 2018 |


2011, 2013 - Winner World XContest (Female)

2012 - 1st European Championship (France)

2013 - 1st PWC Superfinal (Female)

2013 - Bronze at 13th FAI 

2014 - 1st PG World Cup (Macedonia)

2015 - Bronze at 14th FAI

2015 - Female World Record in straight line (XContest distance 401 km)

2016 - 2nd PWC Superfinal

Several female world records in speed and distance during the last ten years

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