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Paragliding Safaris by Gerlitzen Paragliding

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The Story:
After so many years traveling, flying and competing, Leo wanted to share his experiences and his knowledge as an instructor. The focus should lie on improving and progression for beginner and intermediate pilots to strengthen their skills. Tours; which offer the participating pilots to get the maximum out of the trip. Learning and enjoying every single minute without taking care of the organization in a foreign country.

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Leonardo Cardenas Rey

Leonardo Cardenas Rey

Nationality: Colombia

Date of Birth: 17. August 1982

Languages: Spanish, English, learning German

| Flying since 2000 | Flying Tandem since 2003 | PG instructor since 2009 |

Growing up on the flying site in Floriablanca, Leo was always connected with the sport and followed his dream about flying on his own. He was one of the pioneers in the acrobatic discipline in Colombia. He formed part of the national acrobatic team for five years (2011-2015) and was second South American Champion in 2009. He also participated in the several paragliding competitions, like aerobatic world cups, accuracy and cross country contests.

Functions: SIV - Safety Training Instructor, XC Instructor, Organization, Office, etc..

Jennifer Plöschberger Paragliding.jpg

Jennifer Plöschberger

Nationality: Austria

Date of Birth: 1996

Languages: German, English, basic Spanish 

| Flying since 2018 | Flying Tandem since 2021| Acro since 2020 |

| AUSTRIAN Flight Instructor in Training since 2022 |

Since I remember, whenever I looked up at the sky, I saw paragliders. I grew up at Ossiacher Lake, close to the famous acro spot "Gerlitzen", for me it was normal to see gliders doing Infinity and other tricks. When I finally decided to just go to the flying school and start the beginner course, I finishing my license in 2018 and started to train Acro in June 2020. 2021 I participated in the Acro World Cup in Italy. Since then I train acro almost every day in summer, besides working in the Organization of Leos Tandem Company "Gerlitzen Paragliding".

Functions: Assistant, Translation, Organization


Mauricio Orozco

Nationality: Colombia

Date of Birth: February 1980

Languages: Spanish, English 

| Flying since 2008 | Competing XC since 2010| PWC competition pilot since 2012 |

| Colombian National XC Champion |

Due to the nature of my job, my first 3 years of my flying career where spent mainly doing SIV courses around the world and training acro in order to become a better pilot before I ever flew a thermal. In 2010 I did my first xc competition and have been competing around the world ever since.  I like to combine acro training with competition flying to keep learning and  improving  as a pilot. In 2016 I decided to move to Piedechinche to dedicate my life to the wonderful world of Free Flying!

Functions: XC Instructor, SIV Assistant

Yesid_Alvarez_Paragliding Safaris.jpeg

Yesid Álvarez

Nationality: Colombia

Date of Birth:

Languages: Spanish, English, 

Yesid started paragliding at the age of 12 in Bucaramanga, Colombia. Passionate about cross country, he has spent most of his career doing competitions and distance flights.


His achievements include

having been National Paragliding Champion in 2017,

Pan American Champion with the national team in 2018,

2 of the longest flights that have been carried out in Colombia so far,

FAI triangle of 217 km and a

straight line flight of 216.5 km in the Cauca valley, Colombia.


He is dedicated to imparting distance flight clinics and instructional guides focused on basic, intermediate and advanced levels. He really enjoys sharing knowledge and his country with all pilots who want to improve his flying techniques!

Functions: XC Instructor


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