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| Cauca Valley: Piedechinche & Roldanillo | Santander: Bucaramanga |


Recognized as one of the top-10 friendliest countries in the world, Colombia is more than what you hear. Mountains, oceans, jungles and cultural areas. Characteristics that make this country so exotic and interesting to visit.

12 days - XC Tour

Dates: January & February 2025


Price: 2200 €

  • included: full training with focus on improving the individual skills in every flight, accommodation, transportation from the airport and to the flying sites, retrieves, take off and landing fees, welcome box (surprise), local guide

  • not included: travel costs, food

Our guides/pilots will be with you all the time and help you with everything you need.

Outline of Mountains

Tour Details


  • 27th of January - 7th of February 2025

  • 10th- 21th of February 2025

  • individual dates for groups -> request

Price: 2200 €​ 


if you are a group of pilots (>4 ), you can book special dates according to your preference, just contact us and request :)

Questions or a special request? - contact us :)


The tours are for pilots with license (beginner, intermediate and advanced). The focus lies on the improving of the personal skills in thermalling and XC flying.


Combine the XC Tour with an SIV Training, one week before? -->check it out <--

For Paragliding newbies without license, we offer a special tour with beginner course.

--> click here <--

What is included?

Full Training

during the whole trip

...with focus on improving the individual skills. Beginning with groudhandling up to the first XC flights


during the whole trip

  • from and to the airport

  • to takeoffs

  • to special activities

  • retrieves


during the whole trip

3 or 4 star hotel. Double or single room with AC, shower, toilet etc. or Bungalow with living room, sleeping room, bathroom, kitchen.

chichamocha takeoff
Landing fees
Takeoff fees

during the whole trip

all fees for the different take-offs which we will visit. 

all fees regarding to the landing

ansermanuevo briefin
Local guide & instructor

during the whole trip

our team member Leo grew up in colombia and will show you the REAL Colombia


a welcome box (surprise) ;D

What is not included?

  • travel costs; that are for example plane, bus or train tickets in order to arrive at the meeting point (Airport Cali)

  • food and drinks

  • radio; every pilot needs to provide his own radio

  • special group activities; the transport is included but the activity itself not (salsa lesson, Colombian cooking lesson, kite surfing etc.)

  • insurance; every pilot needs to have its own travel /accident insurance


not included



The Colombian tropical climate is influenced by trade winds which makes it consistent.

One of the most important flying areas is the Cauca Valley, which is a paradise for free flight.

It is not just about super conditions, but also about the nice people and their culture in this special place. 

The agricultural Valle de Cauca with its unfenced farmland and extensive road network creates a retrieve system that invites you to make the most of the go-anywhere conditions.

The Cauca Valley is a political region as well as a geographical feature.

It is located in the west of Colombia, in the middle of a chain of tropical mountains and hills that run the length of the country.

The topography of the valley makes it perfect for flying with interesting routes for every level pilot.

With very special conditions it is flyable all the day, the pilot has the chance to practice and improve his skills in thermalling and Cross country flights with soft and effective thermals.

In the afternoon the thermals and the soft valley wind are combined for a pleasure flight. The restitution are coming with the sunset - just perfect conditions to relax.



The flying site is located in Santa Elena and will be one of our stops for a few days.


The location offers nice hike & fly possibilities. From the hostel right next to the landing zone to the take off it take us around 15 minutes by car and around 1h30min by hike. 

Besides this Piedechinche is well known for its soft and friendly conditions for XC.



The famous Roldanillo off course takes a part of our adventure. Located just 120 km from Piedechinche make this flying site attractive for a next stop. 


This flying sites offers high possibilities for long distances; crossing all the valley in any directions, triangles and easy local XC flights. With this it is the most attractive place in the area.



Bucaramanga is the best place for new pilots to spend time perfecting their skills. Groundhandling with laminar wind, thermal flights and Soaring.

Besides the fantastic flying conditions, Colombia is also well known for it's delicious traditional food, exotic fruits, excellent coffee and friendly people. 

With our local guide and instructor, Leo, you will experience Colombia in it's real way.

Image by Sara Pinto
Image by Flavia Carpio
Image by Ricardo Gomez Angel
Image by Charl Folscher
Image by Fernando Prado
Image by Jorge Gardner
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