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Terms and Conditions - GTC

Paragliding Safaris by Gerlitzen Paragliding

Efrain Leonardo Cardenas Rey

Erlenweg 11, 9551 Bodensdorf, AUSTRIA

Tel: +43 660 9385511


Member of the WKO Kärnten.

Gewerbe​wortlaut: Reisebetreuung
GISA-Zahl: 35159902

Terms and Conditions



Pargliding Safaris, organized by Gerlitzen Paragliding – Efrain Leonardo Cardenas Rey,

hosts and operates paragliding progression tours to Colombia, Turkey, Italy and Greece.

With a deposit of 30 percent of the total amount of the specified tour, the participant is

automatically registered and accepts these terms and conditions.

By registering, the participant confirms that he will only take part in the event if he is

physically and mentally healthy and that there are no illness-related reasons that exclude

aptitude for participation. The participant is solely responsible for checking these

requirements. For tours in the countries mentioned, the participant must find out about the

applicable travel conditions and travel warnings from the Federal Foreign Office before

starting the trip.

Included in the tours are: full training with focus on improving the individual paragliding skills

in every flight, take off and landing fees, welcome box, local guides and instructors and other services depending on the stated offers. Not included in the tours are travel costs, food and beverages and any other additional personal costs.

The organizer has the right to make changes or deviations of individual travel services from

the agreed content of the participation contract, which become necessary after the

conclusion of the contract.

Right to use image and film material:

The participant expressly consents to the use of photos and films made by the organizers, their instructors, assistants and other during the tour for advertising purposes, etc.


The requirements for booking and participating in all tours is a valid paragliding license, similar to the Austrian paragliding A license (at least 40 flights with 300

meters difference in altitude completed). Furthermore, the participant must have an accident

/ travel insurance for paragliding, complete paragliding equipment with a rescue parachute. A 2-meter tape radio is recommended.

Disclaimer of Liability:

The organizers, their flight instructors, assistants and their staff are not liable for damage suffered by the participant as a result of simple negligence. This exclusion of liability applies regardless of the cause and course of damage, as well as the type and amount of damage. To minimize the risk of sports injuries during take-off and landing, the organizer recommends high, sturdy, ankle-supportive shoes and adequate clothing. The organizer is not liable for other injuries, illnesses or other occurring during the tour that are not related to the services offered.

Cancellation Policy:

If the booked tour is cancelled up to 45 days before the start of the tour, the deposit minus the cancellation costs for accommodations that have already been booked will be transferred back. If the tour is cancelled 44 to 20 days before the start, 60% of the deposit will be kept by the organizer. If the tour is cancelled later than 20 days before the start of the tour, 100% of the deposit will be kept by the organizer. In the event of hindrance and unexpected travel restrictions due to the Covid situation, the deposit, minus the cancellation costs of the accommodations that have already been booked, will be transferred back. The participant must make it credible that he/she cannot take part due to any restrictions/hindrance due to the Covid situation. The organizer has the right to change the dates of the tour if necessary due to covid travel restrictions, danger etc.. In this case, the participant has the right to take part in the next tour regardless of the destination.

The organizer does not assume any costs in connection with the cancellation of travel

expenses such as plane tickets, bus tickets etc. to the agreed meeting point, regardless of

the reason for the cancellation.

Austrian law applies exclusively to all disputes arising from the contract of participation and

this terms and conditions.

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