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2 weeks beginner course in Bucaramanga and Calima Lake

Join our 2-weeks beginner course in Colombia and learn how to fly.

Week 1:

We start the introduction to the sport at the beautiful flying site in Bucaramanga. There we will explain you the basic functions and you will get to know your equipment.

After a few comprehensive training sessions on the ground you will get comfortable with the equipment and get prepared for your firsts flights.

Our instructors will be with you all the time via the radio and ensure that everything is alright.

During this week you will learn a lot about glider-control, take-offs and landings. 


Week 2: 

After the first flights, we will travel to our schooling base at Calima Lake. 

Here we will focus on learning and improving your basic skills and we will try to catch some thermals.

Calima Lake is a famour kite surfing place. By chance you can get an introduction to this amazing sport. 

Finish or continue?

After the two weeks you can decide if you want to continue by staying a little longer, get the paragliding pilot license, see more beautiful flying areas and enjoy Colombia a little more. 

It is also not just about the flying, with our local guides you will experience the REAL Colombia.

Delicious food, beautiful nature, vivid nightlife. We can organize everything according to your wishes in order to offer you the best mix of flying and traveling in your holidays.

We provide you equipment during the training with the option to buy it if you want to continue.

You looking forward to your ADVENTURE HOLIDAYS?  

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